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It's a simple Math. We will work and you will earn.
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Start a Joint venture Project with ROOT AXIS

You can outsource your project and start joint venture project with us. We will make your work done and you can earn some tension free real cash.

Be a Marketing Manager of ROOT AXIS

You can work as a marketing manager or ROOT AXIS in your country. You will find clients for us using the image of ROOT AXIS and start earning.

If you are a company you can start project with us, but how?

» First we will build up a professional reliable relationship with your company.
» For the very first time you can through a small project or a module of a big project to ROOT AXIS with proper documentation. We will appoint two full time developers and a project manager into your project.
» In that case you have to pay only a reduced fee for that two developers. Our project manager will be involved with your project without any payment. It’s just for building the relationship which really matters for us.

You have to pay the first payment that after completion the 50% of the given project.

» after monitoring the progress of the project, generally it comes after completion the 50% of the project
» If everything goes well with that test project in that month we will go forward so that we can work with your company in a continuous basis.
» In second face, A suitable project manager (PM) will be assigned for your project.
» You will discuss with your PM in every moment for project specifications. Company will arrange a team under the supervision of the PM.
» Cost estimate and contract will be prepared at the same time.
» Contract is signed, advance payment sent.
» Depending on the nature of your project, you will keep contact mainly with the project managers and as needed with programmers and designers.
» Programmers will give updates on the project status regularly; they will also send partial deliveries of your project